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Stretching Exercises

Recommended Stretching Exercises at Killeen Chiropractorstretching exercises

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Our priority at your Killeen chiropractor is to help you achieve your fullest physical potential via chiropractic solutions. Using various stretching exercises we can help you increase your mobility and flexibility. We can also help you improve your core strength using stretches so that you are less likely to get injured. Discover more about the benefits of stretching exercises by your chiropractor in Killeen.

Benefits of Stretching

When you have been sitting or standing in one position for a while, stretching will help with circulation. Stretching exercises also help to ensure your muscles are getting proper movement on a regular basis. More importantly, when you stretch your muscles you are keeping your body moving and mobile. This is imperative to your overall health and wellbeing. In addition to being able to improve flexibility, stretching is also useful for pain relief. When you stretch out your muscles prior to physical activity you also reduce the amount of physical pain you experience. This is one of the prime reasons that your chiropractor in Killeen TX recommends stretching exercises.

Neck Stretches

If you have an office job where you are sedentary for long periods of time, it is important to give your neck a stretch. This is part of good ergonomics, and it can increase your productivity. To stretch your neck, sit upright with your arms down by your sides. Gently bend your neck forward and then back. Then bend it from side to side. Be careful not to overextend your neck muscles when stretching.

Arm Stretches

You should also work with your arms to stretch the muscles from your wrists to your shoulders. Using a number of stretches including the bicep stretch and wrist extensor stretch, you’ll experience more mobility out of your arms and hands. One stretch, the pectoral stretch, involves standing in the doorway and using the structure for balance. Stretch your pectoral muscles at angles of 90 and 120 degrees for best results. 

Back Stretches

The lower back is one of the most problematic when it comes to muscle strains and sprains. If you are suffering from any back pain, use regular back stretches to help keep you limber and in motion. There are several stretches for the lumbar including a lumbar extension, lumbar flexion stretch, and lumbar rotation stretch. 

Leg Stretches

Whether you want to get more out of your jog, or you don’t want to pull your hamstrings, leg stretches are highly effective. In addition to your hamstrings, focus on your gluteal, abductor, and quadriceps. This will help you avoid sports injuries or personal injuries due to overexertion of the leg muscles.

Your Chiropractor in Killeen Shares Stretching Tips During Chiropractic Appointments

If you are interested in more ways to improve your stretching, let your chiropractor in Killeen assist you. Here at the Isdale Chiropractic Clinic we offer comprehensive chiropractic solutions including stretching. Call our office at (254) 699-4004 to schedule your appointment for a Killeen chiropractor. Our new patients receive a free chiropractic consultation.

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