Cryotherapy at a Chiropractic Clinic in Killeen

To you, cryotherapy may seem like an advanced sci-fi concept. After all, exposing yourself to extreme cold to treat a chronic injury or medical condition is not the most common method by far.  

That said, cryotherapy can be very efficient where other treatments have failed. If you were thinking of getting surgery for your pain, try this treatment first. You just may be surprised at how much better you feel.

person's leg is undergoing cryotherapy in Killeen

What is Cryotherapy?

Indeed, cryotherapy involves the use of a very cold environment to offer pain relief. The medical professional administering the treatment will first discuss which area hurts you the most. They will then use a probe on that area. This goes in on a tissue level and reaches the nerve.

Your whole body will not be exposed to the extreme cold; only the area with the probe. This is meant to numb the nerves in that area. After a few treatments, you should be in less pain.

What Does It Treat?

There are many painful injuries and medical conditions that cryotherapy in Killeen can treat or reduce. These include:

  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Interdigital neuromas
  • Lateral femoral cutaneous nerve entrapment
  • Hypogastric neuromas
  • Ilioinguinal neuromas
  • Intercostal neuralgia

Does Cryotherapy Hurt?

This treatment is not painful. Obviously, you will feel cold, but this is only for the period the treatment is administered. There are some side effects associated with cryotherapy, but they’re all short-term and not generally serious.

These side effects include skin irritation and redness, feelings of tingling or numbness, and some soreness.

The Benefits of Cryotherapy

There are many benefits of cryotherapy, the biggest of these being pain relief. Here are some other benefits you can expect:

  • Fewer rates of inflammation around the treatment site (besides side effects), which can help treat chronic pain and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Improved metabolism and more energy due to cold exposure
  • Slower rate of onset muscle soreness after exercising, although this varies depending on how many cryotherapy treatments you receive, your level of activity, and other factors

About Isdale Chiropractic Clinic, Your Chiropractor in Killeen TX for Cryotherapy

Are you looking for a chiropractor in Killeen TX? Are you interested in cryotherapy in Killeen? If so, contact us at Isdale Chiropractic Clinic.

Besides cryotherapy, our other services include prenatal chiropractic care, physiotherapy, sciatica treatment, diathermy, inferential electro-therapy, electrical muscle stimulation treatment, ultrasounds, x-rays, therapeutic exercises, spinal decompression therapy, chiropractic adjustments, rehabilitation therapy, nutritional advice, acupuncture, and neck and back pain relief.

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