Herniated Disc Treatment

Herniated Disc Treatments from Our Killeen Chiropractors

There is no way to tell without a consultation and examination by a doctor, but one recent study shows an impressive 86% success rate in helping to resolve patient's symptoms.

Disc Decompression Therapy

Herniated and degenerated discs are among the most common causes of lower back pain. The Disc-Decompression Table is specifically designed to treat these types of conditions.

Damaged intervertebral discs seldom heal, as the discs are constantly under pressure. The Disc Decompression Table uses clinically proven principles to help relieve pressure on vital structures of the lumbar spine, cervical spine and spinal nerves, reducing the pressure inside the discs

Bad Spine

During normal activities, the pressure inside the lumbar discs typically ranges between 100 mm/HG to 300 mm/HG

Good Spine

Spinal Disc Decompression can reduce the pressure inside the discs to approximately -150 mm/HG, shrinking disc herniations, and drawing in necessary fluids and nutrients.

The Treatment

A typical daily treatment session consists of approximately 15 minutes of decompression and electro therapy on the DTS® Table. The process is comfortable and safe, and it is not uncommon for patients to fall asleep during treatment.

Many patients will find relief of their symptoms between 8 and 10 sessions, while the average recommended course of treatment is 12-18 sessions. Ideally, the sessions are performed daily with a rest on the weekend.

At the conclusion of the treatment series, patients are given mobilization and strengthening exercises to avoid repeat injury.

After only a few weeks of treatment, research has shown outstanding results in the resolution of symptoms caused by degenerative, bulging, herniated or ruptured discs, as well as sciatica, posterior facet syndrome, spinal stenosis, and many failed back surgery cases. Many patients are able to return to normal levels of activity at work or recreation in just a few weeks time.

This process takes time and repetition. It is gradual and requires active participation by the patient following the protocol.

Am I a Candidate for Spinal Disc Decompression?

Spinal Disc Decompression Therapy has proven to be safe and without substancial side effects or complications once abnormal conditions have been ruled out.

Patients with conditions that compromise the integrity of the spinal column, such as gross osteoporosis, spondylolisthesis grade 2 and above, fractures, tumors, or congenital pars defects are not candidates for Spinal Disc Decompression. Previous spinal surgery is not contraindicated unless hardware (screws, rods, cages, pins, etc.) has been implanted in the back.


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