Conditions Treated

Conditions Treated at Isdale Chiropractic Clinic in Killeen, TX

Many people who visit Isdale Chiropractic Clinic for whiplash care or back pain treatment learn that our clinic can actually treat a wide range of conditions and symptoms. Our Killeen chiropractors provide a wide range of services to provide individualized treatment plans for a variety of conditions.

Doctor talking to a patient about Conditions Treated with chiropractic care.

Neck Pain

Whiplash, degenerative cervical spinal conditions, or even poor postural habits can leave you with nagging neck pain and stiffness. Cervical adjustments can often resolve the imbalances behind this form of pain. We can also rehabilitate whiplash cases and use physiotherapy to ease soft tissue pain.

Back Pain

Back pain can be caused or aggravated by a heavy lifting mishap, obesity, pregnancy, sports/auto injury, or by natural age-related changes in the spinal column that irritate the vertebral joints and nerves. Realigning your spine through chiropractic adjustment can return vertebrae and discs to their optimal position. We may also recommend acupuncture, physical therapy, diathermy, ultrasound, nutrition counseling and postural changes.


Chronic tension headaches may be caused by a cervical misalignment that alters the weight distribution of your head on your neck, with muscle spasms irritating cranial membranes. We can adjust your cervical alignment to equalize the weight on your neck muscles. A chiropractic adjustment is also highly effective against migraine headaches.

Arm/Leg Pain

Arm or leg pain may be caused by an extremity joint that it out of alignment, or it may stem from a pinched nerve in the upper spine (cervical radiculopathy) or lower spine (sciatica). Chiropractic adjustments and spinal decompression therapy can both prove useful for relieving these types of pain.


Arthritis involves degeneration in the joints, sometimes including the facet joints that articulate your spine. A program of gentle chiropractic care, exercises, and acupuncture can help you optimize your flexibility and control your pain.

Disc Bulges and Herniations

Disc bulges and herniations may develop gradually, or they may occur all at once due to an acute injury that pushes them out of position. Spinal decompression therapy is a remarkably effective, non-surgical technique for shifting these discs back where they belong.

Pinched Nerves

Pinched nerves are often compressed by neighboring spinal discs, bone spurs, or other structures, causing pain, tingling, weakness, and loss of sensation. We can un-pinch that pinched nerve by adjusting your spine and performing spinal decompression therapy.

Auto Accident Injury

An auto accident injury typically causes several kinds of injuries simultaneously. We can devise a holistic recovery program using multiple techniques to address all of these issues.

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