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Back Pain Relief

Back Pain Relief From Your Chiropractor in Killeen

Your chiropractor in Killeen is dedicated to providing back pain relief using natural health care. Chiropractic techniques ease your pain using a combination of adjustments, lifestyle changes, nutritional support and services to reduce inflammation and promote healing. Dr. Scott and Dr. Shawn care for you and your family. Our health team provides support and back pain relief for residents of Killeen and the surrounding areas from ages 1 to 101. We evaluate your condition to treat the cause of your back pain and then provide services to eliminate your pain. Our focus also extends to preventing back pain in your future. 

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Care for Back Pain with Your Killeen Chiropractor

Back pain may be your reason for calling Isdale Chiropractic Clinic, but when you experience the healing benefits and overall health-boost, we know you will want to continue care with us. If you are suffering from back pain due to an automobile accident or sports-induced injury, our health team will ease your discomfort and set your body on the right path toward healing. If your back pain has gradually increased in intensity over the years, we will position your spine to reduce pain plus show you ways to eliminate back pain in your daily routine. The services we use to treat your back pain include:

Chiropractic manipulations

Whether you are experiencing middle back pain, lower back pain or upper back pain, gentle chiropractic adjustments position your spine to reduce pressure on the nerves. Your pain may be the result of a bulging disc or a vertebra that has misaligned and adjustments help to move it back into place. This alleviates your pain and helps restore your movement. 


Using a Chinese medicine approach, our chiropractor inserts tiny needles at certain points along your back to increase circulation, enhance energy flow and prompt healing.


If your back pain is the result of muscle tension or strained muscles, our ultrasound services help reduce tension and avoid scar tissue buildup.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Using a miniscule electrical current, this technique alleviates trigger points and muscle tension that contribute to your back pain.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression takes pressure off the discs between the vertebra. This treatment option is effective for herniated or bulging discs and also helps improve poor posture.


Using an electromagnetic field, we are able to reduce nerve irritation which can cause back pain.

Corrective Exercises

Our health team instructs you on exercises to strengthen your core and support a healthy back posture.

Postural Changes

Our chiropractors teach you ways to keep a healthier posture such as organizing your work station, improving sleeping habits and showing you better ways to sit and stand.

Nutritional Support

Our services are well-rounded and we use the value of nutrition to help reduce inflammation and supply your body with healing nutrients.

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